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The most feature-rich music practice application available for musicians of all skill levels with a practice and goal tracker, virtual practice journal, cloud storage and more.

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The most feature-rich music practice application available for musicians of all skill levels with a practice and goal tracker, virtual practice journal, cloud storage and more.

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Lesson Planner

Music Teachers Practice Tracker

As a music teacher MyTractice is built to enable you to achieve more in less time. Through its semi-automated system, MyTractice enables your students to take charge of the pace at which they progress through your course. It’s fun gamification and leaderboard feature helps keep your students motivated. In real-time as a teacher, it provides you with the essential data you need to help you always make the best decision about where to spend your time every time.

  • Lesson Hub
  • _____________________________________
  • My Library
  • _____________________________________
  • Performance Rating
  • _____________________________________
  • Audio Recording
  • _____________________________________
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • _____________________________________
  • Practice Leaderboard
  • _____________________________________
  • Student Stats & Reports
  • _____________________________________
  • Student Grading

Music Student Practice Tracker

Staying on top of your practice is now easier than ever, whether you are a beginner or professional musician. As a student or someone learning independently, you can personalize your MyTractice app, to support your practice style. A few of the features now available to a student include

  • Track Practice Time
  • _____________________________________
  • Virtual Practice Journal
  • _____________________________________
  • Cloud Storage
  • _____________________________________
  • Built in Metronome
  • _____________________________________
  • Invite/Share with Friends
  • _____________________________________
  • Set Goals
  • _____________________________________
  • Recieve Practice Awards
  • _____________________________________
  • Set Reminders
Music Practice App
Learning an Instrument

Are you or your child learning to play an instrument, then you are at the right place. MyTractice provides the tool to help you succeed in learning the instrument you’ve always wanted to play. This music practice app is built with all the tools to support your practice and allows you to collaborate with others on the application in real time.

Professional Musician

For busy professionals with limited time. MyTractice enables you to use your practice time efficiently by eliminating the inefficiencies in the learning process. It is built with key features that support how the mind learns with tools like an audio recorder that allows you to track your practice seamlessly. And also goal feature that measures how you are progressing on a daily basis and more……

Music Education Program

MyTractice harnesses the benefits of modern technology to support music education and for the first time makes it easy for teachers to gain real insight into their student's practice. Now a teacher can easily see students grading history, provide real-time feedback and be proactive in helping each student meet his or her goal.

App for Music Teachers

As a music teacher, MyTractice enables you to manage a larger number of students while easily maintaining the personalized assistance they need. Music teachers can now have greater insight into their student’s music practice. A teacher or tutor can proactively intervene where a student isn’t meeting his or her set practice goal and provide real-time feedback.


My bandmates and I have been using MyTractice for the last 4 months. We like the audio recording feature which allows us to listen to each others practice. I can easily refer to things I’ve done in the past

I am no musician but since my son started using the MyTractice application. I’m able to share in his learning experience when he gets home from school.  

Girl in blue

I am 12 and use the app daily. It helps me keep track of my practice. I really like the medal’s I get when I achieve my goal and the Practice Journal that allows me to listen back to what I have done.


 I started using the Mytractice application when I returned to teaching music at home. This application has helped me better understand the areas of difficulty the kids I teach are having.  



Keep up with the beat as you practice with the built in metronome.

Virtual Journal

Access information from your previews practices with your virtual journal.

Lesson Hub

A better and easier way to Organize & Assign lessons as a Music Teacher.

My Lesson

Follow the individualized lesson plan from your music teacher with My Lesson.

Audio Recording

Listen to or share your recorded practice session with the built in audio recorder.

My Library

A personal library to store and organize information important to you

Cloud Storage

Access you information anywhere without worrying about losing your data.


Send and receive Real-time feedback from your teacher or share with friends.

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