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Blog Archieves

Articles on music education, for people learning to play, Teach or study music. The information here is to help you become efficient as a musician with tips to become better at your craft. You post comment on things that helped you improve or over challenges and even share an experiences.

Research has long established the benefits of being able to play a musical instrument, for children and adults alike. Often the support required to fulfill the role of a teacher and the importance of the needs of a teacher in...
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1) Don’t allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of mistakes. Mistakes cost far too much time to repair and only create uncertainty, whereas your practice ought to build security. Remember, your performance is a direct result of how you practice, and efficient...
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A clear goal gives you something to aim for everyday and provides psychological motivation to practice. Hence, setting a goal is a key requirement to using the Mytractice application. Being able to record and listen back to your practice and...
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